Frequently Asked Questions about Website Design

Is having a website better than just having a Facebook page for my business?

While social media is an excellent place to get your business promoted and conduct customer acquisition outreach, there are so many more things you can do with a professionally made website.

Find out why we believe a professional website is just as important as a dedicated Facebook page and how the two can work in tandem together to get your business growing.

How easy is it to build a website with Savant Sites Website Builder?
Why do I need a website?
What’s the difference between a landing page and website?
Will my website look good on mobile devices?

Yes. Your website created with Savant Sites Website Builder is adjusted to look great on all types of devices by default.

Can I adjust any SEO specific values with the Savant Sites Website Builder?
Will I be able to receive tech support for Website Builder?
What payment methods do you accept ?